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Sunday evening’s Meridian weather – Staying unsettled

Luke Castiglione with the latest weather forecast Photo: ITV Meridian

Meridian East: Anyshowers easing through this evening with a mostly dry night ahead under clearspells.

After quite a grey start on Monday, brighter breaks willdevelop along with further showers in the west of the region. Those showers will become heavier in theafternoon, but with lighter winds and more in the way of sunny spells, it willfeel pleasantly warm.

Meridian West: The showers will ease this evening with amostly dry night ahead with cloud and clear spells. Showers could linger along the south coast.

Further showers will develop tomorrow morning along with thesunny spells before the showers will become heavier and more widespread in theafternoon, especially for parts of Dorset and Wiltshire.

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