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Exclusive: Police seized number of weapons from schools

A number of weapons, including an axe, have been seized from schools in the south Photo: ITV Meridian

Weapons like knives, meat cleavers - even an axe - have been seized in schools across the region over the last three years.

ITV Meridian can exclusively reveal how police have had to deal with dozens of offences involving weapons in schools, how children as young as 13 have been arrested, and how violence has led to hundreds of exclusions.

The figures were released when we made a Freedom of Information request to our police forces - and comes just a week after a teacher was stabbed to death at a school in Leeds.

Sarah Cooper has been to meet Rhyce Pope and his mother Donna Butler. Rhyce has been home-schooled for the last nine months, because he was too scared to go back into the classroom.

Sarah also spoke to Professor John Howson, a former teacher and Bob Stapley from the National Union of Teachers.

The video below has police figures for the Thames Valley.

The video below has police figures for Hampshire.

The murder of teacher Ann Maguire also prompted debate about whether metal detectors are necessary in schools. Emma Wilkinson has been speaking to teachers and experts, who have differing opinions on the matter: