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Farnborough Airshow Controversy

The F35 military fighter plane Photo:

This year's Farnborough Airshow, which starts on Monday, is shaping up to be one of the most controversial for many years.

In a major new row the UK Government have refused Visas to the entire Russian delegation because of the country's continuing action in Ukraine.

The move is set to cost the show millions of pounds worth of orders which are usually placed with the Russians.

The country is a major exhibitor and hundreds of officials attend the event.

This statement has been issued by the Government.

“Due to Russian actions in Ukraine, no representatives from the Russian government have been issued HMG (Her Majesty’s Government) invitations to FIA (Farnborough International Airshow) 2014.”

– Her Majesty's Government
The F-35 will be based on aircraft carriers like the new Queen Elizabeth

Meanwhile the new military fighter due to make its first appearance - the F-35 - remains grounded in the USA.

It is the most important new fighter for a generation and part of a £300 billion project that will see 2,500 built in a joint US and UK project.

The grounding follows a fire in one of the planes engines two weeks ago with the US Government refusing to allow the plane to fly for safety reasons.

The F-35 will be based on aircraft carriers like the new Queen Elizabeth to be based in Portsmouth.

Fifteen per cent of the fighter is built in the UK and will create 35,000 jobs. It is seven years late and £100 million over budget. The grounding is a major embarrassment to the Government who had promoted the F-35's participation at Farnborough.

The plane was to be the star of the event which is the biggest and most important aviation gathering in the world. Organisers hope the problems will be solved allowing it to appear later in the week.