Simon's Blog - Bees & Bugs


It's that time of the year when you can't move for any number of creepy crawlies in the garden and whilst they might nibble or sting you, they do take a nice photo!

Thanks to Greg Parker in Brockenhurst for that one!

Meanwhile in Hastings....

Bee on flower can even see the pollen he's collected on his leg! Credit: Ian Matthews
Bee on flower
My what a long tongue you have...! Credit: Ian Matthews
Bee and butterfly
I'm not sure if this is a stand off or a lunch date! Credit: Fiona van Deventer
An interesting shot of ants farming aphids for their sugary deposits. Credit: Frank Cummings in Headington
Dragon fly
Any idea what this is? Credit: Frank Annable in Bournemouth

It's actually an empty dragon-fly larvae. The dragon fly has gone, leaving a shell behind!

How spooky is that?