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Simon's Blog - Scorchio!

Well if you've struggled with the heat this last couple of days you're not going to like tomorrow much!

In our region we could see temperatures peaking at 32 C (which is 90 F) and would make it the warmest day of the year so far. It's also going to exceptionally humid which is why the Met Office have issued a Heat-Health Warning

We'll also be warmer than many other parts of Europe too.

One of the warmest places will be Madrid with 37 C, with Rome not far off at 34 C. Then it's us and Paris at 32 C with Athens just lagging behind at 31 C.

If you're heading to Nice it'll be a lowly 28 C but Lisbon comes bottom with a chilly 23 C.

If you're off there...don't forget your scarf and gloves!

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