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Simon's Blog - Clouds That Look Like Other Things

Is that a dog or a rabbit in Ashford? Photo: Credit : Chris Lee

Well with a lot of blue sky above us just recently any interestingly shaped clouds stick out like a sore thumb. Not that I've had any that are sore thumb shaped you understand!

But I have had some brilliant ones.

The perfect cloud for an Air Tattoo! Credit: Tris Wyatt in Oxford
And is that Godzilla? Credit: Martin Bendall in Sullington
Could this be the face of Alfred Hitchcock? Credit: Jeffry Butler
You can definitely see the outline a horses head in the thin wispy cloud over Dover. Credit: Kim McGurk

And finally for now...

Glen Huckle had a lovely day on a boat on the River Test. Credit: Graham Wrann
But hang on is that a shark chasing him?? Credit: Graham Wrann

Or is it just the reflection of an interestingly shaped cloud?

Keep your eyes to the skies and if you spot anything out of the ordinary please send your photos to or tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.

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