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Online shoppers' parcel frustrations

Parcels delayed, lost or damaged in the post Photo: Matthias Balk/DPA/Press Association Images

It's supposed to make shopping easier, more convenient - allowing us to buy whatever we want, wherever and whenever we want, at the click of a mouse. But, for many of us, internet shopping is far from hassle-free.

A recent survey's found thousands of people are having to take time off work to wait in for deliveries, only for them not to show up or for them to be faulty or damaged. Consumer experts warn it's happening all too often, and some customers are delivered nothing but disappointment.

Peter Handley and Helen Dewdney are both internet bloggers, who've both blogged about bad experiences with their online shopping deliveries.

Peter ordered some shoes online which never arrived - despite waiting for them for three weeks.

Helen's online shopping did arrive - although she wished it hadn't. The toiletries she'd ordered had leaked - soaking through the packaging and onto her cream carpet.

Both have had bad experiences - and they're not alone.

A recent survey found thousands of people are taking time off work - using up some of their holiday allowance - to wait at home for online shopping deliveries.

It found that 38 per cent had suffered problems - with more than half saying items weren't delivered on the agreed date, and nearly a third saying items were broken or faulty.

But the industry recognises there are frustrations and are using technology to address them.

And by keeping track of their parcels, the company say they're keeping track of what their customers really want.

But consumer experts warn the industry, as a whole, still has a long way to go.