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Terrifying moment baby in pushchair rolls off platform onto railway line

Baby in pushchair rolls onto the tracks at this station in Surrey Photo: Southern Railways

This is the heart-stopping moment a baby in a pushchair rolls off a train platform onto the tracks.

The incident occurred at Whyteleafe station, near Caterham in Surrey.

It happened when the mother was purchasing a ticket from the ticket machine on the platform.

As she did this the pushchair with baby strapped in started to roll away.

The mother was unaware until it was too late to stop the pushchair rolling off the edge of the platform and onto the track.

The baby suffered minor injuries in the fall.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) investigation into the accident found that the individual in charge of the pushchair had not applied the brakes and had not noticed that the platform sloped towards the track.

A Southern Railways spokesman said: "Southern fully co-operated with the RAIB on the investigation and has implemented recommendations made in the report to try and prevent this happening again, including warning posters, advice in our accessibility guide and working with Network Rail to take into account platform slopes when any resurfacing or upgrade work is undertaken.

"We would also remind all users of pushchairs or wheelchairs to apply the brakes when stationary on a platform.”