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Simon's Blog - That Was Summer??

Whitstable Photo: Credit : John Peterson-Heyward

In the world of weather, summer is now officially over as the Met Office runs the seasons by months and now we're here in September according to them it's autumn.

But how good a summer was it?

Well the average summer rainfall is 241 mm and this year we had 258.2 mm. So wetter than usual, largely due to August which had 49 percent more rain than a typical August.

The average summer temperature is 15.5 C and this year we managed 15.9 C, so at least it was warmer.

And finally in your average summer we get 554 hours of sunshine and here in 2014 we got 630.2 hours. So better than usual, although June & July were the good months with above average amounts, whilst August was below.

In fact August was a bit of a let down on all fronts as it was the coolest August since 1993 and the 18th wettest since records began!

It was also the first month since November 2013 to have been cooler than average, breaking an eight month run.

Let's hope September isn't a disappointment too!

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