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Simon's Blog - Faces In Unexpected Places

Photo: Jenny Page in Brighton

Who doesn't love a food mixer that looks like a Cyberman?

And speaking of food and Jodie Aherne was chopping cucumber in the school kitchen at Broadwater Primary School in Tunbridge Wells...

...when she noticed the cucumber wasn’t enjoying the experience much!

Scott Yates in Fareham came across this scary looking pepper, whilst Shannon Bailey in Reading found a bemused looking pie.

And look who turned up at John Cuthbert’s house on pancake day.

HOW did that happen? Eh...see what I did there!

And in another wall related incident, Pete Coleman sent in this photo of one of the sides of the gardener's tea hut in Port Lympne...

...which has even been given a name.

Jeremy if you're interested.

This came in from Barry Batten in Witchampton.

Looks like a bear is trying to escape from the wall to me.

Harry Harman in Havant found this cheerful chap whilst unpacking his camera gear.

And finally Trevor Pritchard in Crowborough was cheered up when he stumbled upon a happy loo in a supermarket.

Clearly benefitting from the ultimate BOG OFF deal!