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Advice for drivers ahead of the Easter getaway

15 million drivers are expected on the roads on Thursday for the Easter getaway Photo: ITV Meridian

With Easter falling early this year and a longer wait until the summer, it is likely to be one of the busiest on the roads in recent years, says the AA. Getaway traffic is expected to peak this Thursday, which the AA predicts is likely to be the busiest day of the year so far.

The latest AA-Populus poll of 16,194 AA members* revealed that close to half (47%) of respondents plan to drive somewhere on holiday or a driving outing on Maundy Thursday and more than two-fifths on Good Friday.

Those planning a leisure trip by car will cover an average of around 40 miles on Thursday with those in South-east England covering 38 miles.

“Despite a rather unsettled forecast, we expect more people to get away this Easter, as it falls quite early this year. There will be a lot of pressure on the main getaway routes, particularly heading down to South-westEngland; and the likes of the M25, M1 and M6 are also going to be very busy. With around half planning to visit friends and family, there will be many people racking up quite large distances. For some, it will be their first long-distance car journey of the year, which can reveal any underlying mechanical problems. Do the essential checks on your car before heading off, paying particular attention to the tyres and adjusting the pressures for a heavy load, if required. Break up any journey more than three hours long and, if you’re an AA member, you save up to 20 per cent at Moto service areas. Take plenty of things to keep the kids entertained and, at the very least, a fully-charged mobile and atlas or sat-nav in case of any delays.”

– Mark Spowage