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Simon's Blog - Things That Look Like Other Things

Photo: Carolin Harrison

Yes that really is a bit of pith from a clementine that Carolin in Eastbourne was peeling, when she realised it looked like an orchestra conductor!

And it's not the only unusual and unexpected sighting across the region that's found it's way into my inbox.

Graeme Bristow from St Mary Bourne came across this moss covered log whilst holidaying in Cornwall.

It really does look like a horses head. Or maybe we've just been watching too many Trevor MacDonald programmes recently!

And this came from Tom Lee in Crowborough who spotted this grumpy looking remnant of a broken branch on a tree.

He's thinking a snapping turtle or maybe a cross eagle.

Meanwhile Maureen Tomlin in Botley found this tree in Hamble that does look like a hand.

And this is a chopped log that Craig Willson from Pevensey Bay sent in.

He thinks it looks like it's got a mouse in it.

Here's Brian Taylor's first open daffodil of spring.

He reckons it looks like a girl in a dress!

And finally see if you guess what Erica Humphrey thinks she can see in this one.

Did you spot a wolf (on the left) surprising a bear (on the right) too?