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Simon's Blog - Things That Look Like Other Things

Photo: Philip Ranger in Whitstable

What's not to love about lily that looks like a mouse!

As ever there have been a whole load of things that look like other things turning up in my inbox but even I've been surprised by the unusually high number of strawberries.

Peter Pope in Kennington in Ashford reckons this one looks like the UK.

And I'm not quite sure what shape these ones from Mike Pace in Hedge End are...

...but they are like no strawberries I’ve ever seen before!

Sarah Michel’s dad in Folkestone grew this one that looks like it’s got a face on it.

And there are other fruit related body parts too.

Godfrey King in Blean saw this one that his daughter Elizabeth grew in Whitstable and immediately thought...

...I’ve heard of fish fingers but never strawberry ones.

And Hannah Cooper in Midhurst in Sussex thinks this one looks like a foot.

Possibly one too many toes...but who’s counting?

Finally here’s a moth Simon Prince spotted on a step in Brighton.

He reckons it looks like the iconic plane the Vulcan Bomber.

I can see what he means!