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Owls left cramped in tiny cages in owner's garden shed

An animal owner who kept birds cramped in cages in her garden shed in St Leonards has been banned from keeping the animals.

13 owls, a goose, a gull and a pigeon were found by RSPCA officers, thin and in a poor condition inside the cages, which were so small they were unable to open their wings. They had no water, ulcers on their eyes and ingrowing talons.

There was just not enough room for them, and they were leading miserable lives. It was heartbreaking to see. The defendant is a habitual collector of birds and there is a real concern she may reoffend.

– RSPCA inspector Cora Peeters

67-year-old owner Jackie Cullen, now of South Street, Seahouses, Northumbria, was found guilty of animal welfare offences at Hastings Magistrates’ Court on Friday. She was banned from keeping birds for life and made to pay £500 in compensation.