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Simon's Blog - Return Of The Triffids

Photo: Richard Emery

It's clearly been a good year for sunflowers. No sooner had I shown this photo of the very large one Ivy Price had grown...

...than a load more whoppers turned up in my inbox.

Karen Mair from Farlington in Portsmouth sent in this picture of Mason with one of theirs. Not much of a head on it but still a biggie.

Jessica Harden in Bognor Regis has got a few with the biggest being 9 foot.

Here’s Andrew Cook’s grandaughter Ruby in Park Gate planting her seeds a few months ago...

....and here’s how they’re looking now.

This is Tim Franks in East Grinstead who didn’t say how tall his is but it is rather large.

Although it is looking just a bit past it’s best at the top!

Zoe in Southborough in Kent has sent in this photo of her daughter Maia Toole with the 9 foot sunflower she’s grown.

Whilst Sue in Goudhurst emailed a picture of her daughter Olivia Masters who’s grown 2 look.

The tallest she reckons is 3 metres which is just about 9 foot as well.

But here are the biggest ones we officially know of.

Sandra O’Toole’s daughter Aimee has grown one with an incredible 23 heads and stands at 10 foot tall.

And Becky Mellor sent in this photo of her 4 year old daughter Evie and her cousin William in front of granddad's sunflower which measures over 10 feet.

So is there still time for it to be beaten?

Let me know if you know the answer is yes!