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Hampshire wreck diver joins First World War remembrance expedition

Jane Maddocks, from Gosport, was joined by seven other divers as they volunteered in remembrance of the 1,459 Royal Navy sailors who lost their lives 101 years ago.

The mission was entitled the 'Live Bait Expedition', the same controversial name given to the WW1 squadron.

Their task was to survey the wrecks of HMS Cressy, HMS Hogue and HMS Aboukir which were all sunk by a German U-boat in the early hours of September 22, 1914.

Jane Maddocks Credit: BSAC

The honour of laying the wreath on HMS Cressy fell to Carol Wood, whose god-daughter’s great-great-grandfather, William Henry King perished in the attack. She says:

It was incredible to find out I had a connection, however small, to one of those who lost their lives in the disaster.

I was having supper with my best friend and her husband, Annie and Trevor Allen. Their daughter Robyn who is 17, is my god daughter.

Trevor told me that William Henry King, who died in the disaster, was his great grandfather.

– Carol Wood
Henry King Credit: BSAC
Carol Wood lays wreath at HMS Cressy Credit: John Cook