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Puppy needs £12k of surgery after hit and run

Six month-old Samson was going to be put down Credit: Ian Clarke

A mother in Hampshire is trying to raise £12,000 for life saving surgery on a puppy that was left for dead after a hit-and-run.

Lisa Clarke decided to adopt six month-old Samson after hearing that he was going to be put down because of his injuries.

Samson was found lying in a street in Aldershot and was suffering from fractures to his spine, legs and jaw. Vets believe he either escaped or had been abandoned, then was hit by a car and left.

X-ray showing Samson's fractured spine and legs Credit: Ian Clarke

Although Samson has had some veterinary treatment, he still requires surgery, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy just to mend his legs, as well as spinal surgery.

Lisa Clarke and her family are now fundraising for his operations. Farnham Pets at Home has already donated a bed and coat to keep the young dog warm.

Samson still needs surgery on his spine and legs Credit: Ian Clarke

My mind was made up, I didn't want him to die

He's a fighter. He has got courage

– Lisa Clarke