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Re-appeal for information after human remains found

Thames Valley Police is re-appealing for information in connection with a murder investigation in Warfield in Bracknell, following new developments in the case.

Senior Investigating officer, Det Chief Insp Kevin Brown, appeared on Crimewatch on BBC One last night to reveal a potential breakthrough in the case, and to appeal to the programme’s national and international audience for help.

The Force launched a murder investigation in July this year after human remains were discovered by workmen in a field in Warfield.

The remains are that of a white man, aged 30-40 years old, who is around 5ft 9ins to 5ft 11ins and stocky build.

Police believe the remains may have been placed in the field in Hawthorn Lane between 2008 and 2013 but think that the man was probably killed elsewhere.

A loose knitted blue and white striped jumper with a Turkish design label was recovered from the body Credit: Thames Valley Police

A loose knitted blue and white striped jumper with a Turkish design label was recovered from the body. The jumper, which is distributed in Europe, was shown on the programme and the public’s help was requested to try and obtain any other information about this jumper or people who may have worn a similar one.

A post mortem could not provide a conclusive cause of death, but it did show that the man had suffered blunt trauma injuries to his head, which suggests he had been hit by a heavy object on either one or both sides of his head.

Dental work has shown that the deceased had very white veneers – unusually, there were seven veneers rather than six or eight, on the upper jaw and they would have been very bright and noticeable to anyone who saw him.

“We have been working to establish the identity of this man, how he died and how his body came to be in the field in Hawthorn Lane. We have made some progress in the case, and tonight I revealed an image that experts at the University of Dundee have created.

“Using advanced 3D computer technology and techniques they have provided a visual reconstruction of the dead man’s skull and created this incredible image (pictured) which gives us an idea of what the deceased may have looked like when he was alive.”

– Det Chief Insp Kevin Brown
Police believe the man may have looked like this when he was alive Credit: Thames Valley Police

“Someone out there knows who this man was. Someone out there knows how he died. If you are that someone, I urge you, to examine your conscience, do the right thing, and come and speak to me and my team.

“The remains that we found in the field in Warfield are that of someone’s son. He may also be someone’s father, a brother, or a husband.

“There is a family out there who is missing a loved one. We need your help to solve this case.

“If you have any information at all, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, please, come forward and speak to us. Please call 01753 271127.”

– Det Chief Insp Kevin Brown