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Simon's Blog - A Smile In The Sky

Photo: Kim Dawson

Now that's a real treat. No rain but a rainbow and it's upside down!

Kim spotted it on a cold but clear day in the sky above Wokingham and it's not the only one to turn up in my inbox.

Annemarie Stevens saw this one above her house in Sandhurst. She said in her email "Definitely a first for myself and our neighbours and the kids were well excited".

I'll bet they were!

And Emma Amos tweeted me with the one she'd seen on Saturday in Wantage.

Well the phenomenon is known as a Circumzenithal arc but instead of rain which makes a normal rainbow, it’s ice crystals, usually in cirrus clouds high in the sky, that the sun light gets refracted through.

Unsurprisingly it's often referred to as a smile in the sky.