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Simon's Blog - Things That Look Like Other Things

Photo: Ken Widdett

Well that's a treat you don't expect when you're having a tree cut down. It was as Ken in Herne Bay was chopping the trunk into slices for firewood that he realised they looked like a couple of dogs having a chat.

Meanwhile Harry Banks found this pebble on the beach in Shoreham-on-Sea that he thinks looks like…

...a cow’s head.

Vincent Hutchins took a photo of the sunset in Englefield in Berkshire because it looked the sun had wings.

Meanwhile Jim Kelly in Walmer took this photo on Sunday morning of what he thinks is a young sparrow hawk but at first glance it looked like...

...a penguin sitting on his fence.

And finally Mark Steventon spotted a boat spraying shingle onto the beach at Littlestone in Kent and thought that it looked like there was a polar bear coming out of the cannon.

So keep an eye out for things that look like other things and if you spot something interesting please send me a photo to or tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.