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Simon's Blog - Pareidolia

Photo: Mark Bulpitt

Who doesn't enjoy finding faces in unexpected places?

And what's not to love about an expressive cat flap box!

Since we last mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, many of us have been exercising our skills of pareidolia. Please keep the emails coming in to or you can tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter, if you happen to look at something only to realise it's looking back at you.

Like Craig Willson in Pevensey who snapped a disgruntled looking pair of trousers.

Bob in Sittingbourne found an upset looking water butt.

It does look like it's ben crying.

Glenn Crockford in Salisbury has been on a roll First he spotted this water filter at work.

As well as this bit of electrical excitement that reminded him of Phil Oakey of the Human League.

I can see that!

Here’s the sad looking bird Adrian Whitaker discovered on the table in his local the Waterloo Arms in Southampton.

He's thinking an ostrich.

And finally Sylvia Ruffles even spotted a strange face on the weather.

No not the handsome one on the left...I meant the odd one on the right!