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Young swan rescued from tangled rope

A warning's been issued about discarded waste after a young swan was spotted with rope entangled around its neck in East Sussex.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service sent an ambulance with three rescuers.

They lulled the swans into a false sense of security by feeding them corn and bread, so the swan with the rope could be pulled out the water with less stress.

The swan was then carried to the nearby grass where the rope was removed and the swan checked over.

“This again highlights the need for people to tidy away waste of all types.

"We have had so many different creatures being caught in a wide variety of objects including a fox cub with a plastic tub stuck on its head, a hedgehog with plastic beer can holder wrapped round its body, a duck with a plastic bottle top round its beak, a gull with discarded fishing tackle which almost caused it to drown and a deer with bailer twine attached to its antlers which became caught on a barbed wire fence.

"So yet again we are pleading with people to tidy up after themselves and ensure nothing is left where wildlife or domestic pets can get caught as they may not be as lucky as this swan.”

– WRAS rescuer Trevor Weeks MBE