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Simon's Blog - Spring Things

Photo: Oliver Mannion in Faversham

It's official. Spring has sprung and winter is nothing more than a faded memory.

The Met Office seasonal changes correspond with calendar months, so according to them spring began on March 1st. However there are many people who would rather hang on until the Spring Equinox, which thankfully took place at half past four on Sunday morning.

So whichever way you look at it, spring has definitely arrived and with it some lovely photos of spring doing it's thing have also been turning up in my meridianweather@itv.copm inbox.

Sylvia Ruffles in Gravesend sent in a brilliant shot of the pollen on the blossom on the tree in her garden.

She also caught a busy bee collecting it too.

He’s got a whole leg full look.

Meanwhile John Cuthbert in Hedge End snapped a hoverfly having a "does my bum look big from this angle" moment!

Brian Tattam in Aylesbury was thrilled to find his first butterfly of the year in his garage last night at about 5 o’clock.

He also took another photo of it relaxing with it’s wings closed, just to prove it was still alive.

Of course spring babies are always sweet and you’ve got to love this from Philippa Timms. It's a picture of the laziest cygnet in the region.

Carry me mum...please!

But this is surely the cutest. Steve Worrell in Botley sent in this photo of new born lambs at Manor Farm Park, which reveals what happens when natural woolly jumpers, clearly aren’t up to the job.

Well it was still a bit nippy over the weekend...but a tank top!