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Simon's Blog - Stormy Weather

Photo: Josh Brazier

It was a funny old day yesterday.

The warmest temperature of the year so far in England was recorded in...yes you've guessed it...Gravesend, where we hit a whopping 17C.

And then last night there were some very impressive stormy conditions.

Frank Leppard got this amazing shot of the lightning in Margate.

Josh Brazier took these in Folkestone, by the Martello Golf Course area along from the warren.

Also braving the weather was Ashley Burns who took this one of the sky being lit up over Dover as the storm rolled in from the English Channel.

And then this one where it looks like the lightning hit a tree.

I’m thinking it’s a trick of the light and it landed just behind.

And finally John Horton even managed to get a video of the storm.

Hang on a few seconds after the flash to hear a major rumble!