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Kitten survives 80-mile journey in digger

A tiny kitten has survived an 80-mile journey, trapped in a digger.

It is believed the kitten must have travelled inside the vehicle, which journeyed from a site on the M40 to Hastings, in Sussex, on Saturday. The kitten, and his siblings were discovered when workers started their shift on Monday morning.

Sadly, the little black and white kitten, now named Digby, was the only one in his litter to survive.

Digby was checked over by the RSPCA Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA staff were shocked when a worker arrived on their doorstep with the tiny three-day-old kitten in an ice-cream tub and asked them to help.

The centre took in the baby who was immediately fed and checked over - but the charity is still baffled as to how the litter ended up in the digger’s shovel.


The digger driver was carrying out his usual checks on the machinery when he found the three kittens. Sadly, two were already dead but one was alive. You expect to find the diesel low or something, but don’t expect to see cats inside!

– Martin Dewsnap, builder