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Three cats return home with unusual injuries

The RSPCA is appealing for information after three cats, all from the same home in the John Burrows Park area of Hadleigh in Essex, have recently returned to their owner suffering with unusual injuries.

The first of the cats to suffer injury returned home on Wednesday, 23 March with severe bruising and bleeding heavily from a nasty wound on his back leg.

The second cat was found with bald patches and a sore on her tail Credit: RSPCA

Just over a week later, on Saturday, 2 April, the second cat was found with her claws missing, a sore that ran down the length of her tail, and bald patches.

The third cat was discovered on Sunday, 17 April with puncture wounds and a deep, bleeding sore that went all the way through his paw. Later, vets discovered another wound to his leg.

The third cat is now recovering at home with the other two Credit: RSPCA

“These poor cats have all suffered strange and very nasty injuries during the last six weeks and I’m keen to hear from anyone who might know something about why and how this is happening.

“This is obviously very distressing for the cat’s owner and a worry to fellow pet owners in the area.”

“The vets are concerned about the possibility of a trap having been put down in the area, as the nature of these cat’s injuries are very strange and involve puncture wounds.

“We have very little information to lead us to what is going on, so we are asking for any information to help us find out what is happening and where. One of the cats is elderly and does not usually wander far from his home, so we believe these injuries may be being caused nearby.

“Anybody with any information that might help us investigate is urged to call me in complete confidence on our inspector’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018, where they can leave me a message.”

– RSPCA inspector Marie Hammerton