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Severe flash flooding and ice floes in Kent

The scene in Kemsing last night looked more like an Arctic winter than summer in Kent Photo: Nick Gallwey

Last night's torrential downpours caused flash flooding in Kent.

The rain and hail caused flooding and ice floes in Kemsing, Kent. At least one house was flooded.

Flood waters rose to 7ft at its height Credit: Nick Gallwey

17 properties in nearby Ightham were flooded. Six fire crews helped evacuate people from affected homes.

At its height, water levels rose up to approximately 2.5 metres (7ft) after a brook burst its banks.

Inspections are being made to evaluate the damage to Ightham Mote Credit: National Trust

The National Trust site Ightham Mote also suffered damage from floodwaters. The courtyard, gardens, cottages and several ground floor rooms of the house built in 1320 were affected.

The house, built in 1320, has suffered damage to its lower floors Credit: National Trust

Other areas in Kent, including Ramsgate, suffered from flooding but the damage was limited.

Flooding in Ramsgate town centre last night Credit: Patrick Brown

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