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Simon's Blog - Warmest Day Of The Year

Photo: Ricky Wallis

Although I've a feeling we'll be saying it again tomorrow!

Obviously there are health risks attached to a spell of exceptionally warm weather and so the Met Office have issued a level 2 Heat Health Alert.

Heatwave conditions can be dangerous, especially for the very young or very old or those with chronic disease and if you're worried you can find advice on how best to cope at .

But of course for many of us it's just been a lovely day. So how warm was it?

Well the hottest hotspot in the country was at Kew Gardens where the temperature reached 29.9C (86F). In the ITV Meridian region top of the charts was Charlwood in Surrey at 29.6C (85F). Heathrow was next at 29.4 C (84.9F) and Gravesend in Kent managed a very respectable 29.1C (84F).

Roll on tomorrow!