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Simon's Blog - Strawberries That Look Like Other Things 2

Photo: Rita & Barrie Atkinson

I knew there'd be a sequel!

Yes after the exciting launch of Strawberries That Look Like Other Things last week, it's a phenomenon that's clearly giving Pokemon Go a run for it's money as a whole load more have turned up in my inbox.

So grab the cream and prepare to have your fill with these.

First here’s one from Andrew French in Cowes. This is his grand daughter Ruby holding one that looks like a pumpkin.

Sandy Cadman in Bedhampton sent in this freshly picked one.

Nessie or Pete’s Dragon she’s thinking.

Proving that this hobby is fun for all the family, here’s a joint effort from Jane & David Stock in Bournemouth.

They reckon it looks like a chicken.

I'm not quite sure what this one from Angie Cordell is supposed to be but it's definitely some kind of creature.

And possibly helping us launch another strand, here are some heart shaped blackberries from Isobel McKinley in the kitchen garden at Arundel in Sussex.