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Simon's Blog - They Might Be Giants

Photo: Andrew Cook

Yes it's that time of the year when the rather tall sunflowers keep popping up in my inbox.

So here are the big ones so far.

Carol sent in this photo of her son Aiden Boniface in Pulborough who grew this sunflower from seed. He planted it on Good Friday and it's now a staggering 2.59m or 8ft 6".

That's Jamie Poar from Fratton in Portsmouth. He's grown two, one that's flowered and one that hasn't but he's very proud of them. Both are now just over 8 ft high by the way.

Jerry Swain sent this picture of three sunflowers in his garden, also grown from seed. They stand between 9ft and 10ft high and he says they give him a lovely view from his back lounge.

But these are the biggest so far....

...from Tim Huckstepp In Sellindge which currently stand at 3.2 m (that's 10ft 6").

Mind you it's not just big sunflowers that have been turning up, there are some fairly impressive hollyhocks too.

Brenda Farley in Cranleigh in Surrey has a pink hollyhock that's 9 feet tall and still growing.

It has more than 85 flowers and buds growing on the main stem, with 16 off shoots and more than 160 flowers and buds ready to come out. And here's a thing, she lives at Hollyhock Cottages!

What are the chances?!

And finally Anne Chater in West Moors in Dorset also has plus 9 footer.

So are there any more that are even bigger? Over to you...!