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Investigation after 13 year-old dies in supercar crash

A Ferrari F50 - similar to the one involved in the fatal crash Photo: Reuters

Police are investigating what caused a million-pound supercar to crash on a quiet Hampshire road, killing a 13 year-old boy inside.

The rare red Ferrari F50 smashed into wooden barriers on a private access road in North Warnborough, near Hook, at 8.45pm on Monday (22 August).

No other cars were involved in the incident on the road, used to access Newlyns and Lodge Farms, which were closed at the time.

Police have confirmed that there were two people inside the Ferrari at the time; the 13 year-old boy from the Winchester area and a 37 year-old man from Surrey, who is in a stable condition in hospital.

Officers have not released any further details about their identities but they have now confirmed that the 37 year-old man was driving at the time of the crash.

Watch Sam Holder's report from the site of the crash below: