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Simon's Blog - Faces In Unexpected Places

Photo: Joe Dawson

Yes you never know who you might bump into in the oddest of places.

Did you spot the nosey penguin in the window in Petersfield inJoe's photo?

Or is it just a pile of kitchen rolls?

Here's who Ian Matthews discovered in boatyard in Hastings.

It's Mr Stern!

And look who Barnaby Gibson won at the Sissinghurst Fair...

...Mr Shy. Thanks to Teresa Adams for sending him in.

Mary Campbell came across Mr Environmentally Friendly in a car park in Bournemouth.

Danny found Miss Illuminated in a cafe in Folkestone.

I reckon she's been on a diet. She looks very light...!

Meanwhile Phillip and Yvonne Hirst stumbled upon Little Miss Surprised on an open top bus in Lisbon in Portugal.

And finally, found lurking in Sian Lyons travel kettle in in Horsham...

...Mr Unimpressed!

If you spot any other faces in unexpected places and you happen to have your camera handy, please send me a photo to or you can tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.