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Kittens tied up in pillowcases and left to die on 'live' train tracks

The RSPCA is investigating after two cats were found tied up in pillowcases and dumped on a live railway line in Kent - where they were ‘run over’ by at least three trains.

The animal welfare charity was contacted by worried Network Rail staff who found the two cats on the line in Deal earlier this week.

RSPCA inspectors said it was a miracle that the cats survived.

Sophie and Tiggs are now recovering Credit: RSPCA

“One was found underneath the live rail and the other was underneath a running track. Both had been bundled into pillowcases which were tied tightly.

“The Network Rail workers had to anxiously watch three trains run over the top of the cats while they waited for the live line to be switched off so they could retrieve them safely.

“Thankfully the trains seemed to pass right over the top of them so, unbelievably, they’ve come out without a scratch on them.”

– RSPCA inspector Deborah Pert

The one-year-old cats, who were both microchipped, reportedly went missing days before they were found.

Sophie disappeared from her home nine days before she was found, with Tiggs going missing a week later.

The cats are now receiving treatment at a local veterinary practice and the RSPCA - working alongside police - has launched an investigation into how they came to end up on the railway line.

The third rail is lethal if touched Credit: PA

“We believe someone has deliberately tied these cats up and thrown them onto the railway line,” inspector Pert added.

“Whoever did this must have been fully aware of the horrific fate that awaited them on the track.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RSPCA appeal line on 0300 123 8018.