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Photo: Megan Sharp

When is a rainbow not a rainbow?

Well, when it's upside down for starters.

Megan knew that she was looking at a circumzenithal ark in the sky above Tenterden and Leanne Addison and her daughter Anneli also spotted one in Hawkhurst.

In a not unrelated incident, Rod Stuart in Iden saw this impressive bit of cloud iridescence.

Whilst Katie Stow in Hunton sent in this photo of what she calls a rainbow cloud.

Elaine Pope also spotted one on her way home from work.

She was a bit baffled as firstly it wasn't raining and secondly, it wasn't the sun either, as that's on the far right of this picture.

Well it's actually a sun dog and just like the circumzenithal ark and the cloud Iridescence, it was caused by the sun's light interacting with ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.

So you can sort of have a rainbow without rain!