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X Factor cockatoo fan from Sussex reveals plan for transformation

Cori steals the show on her mobility scooter Photo: PA
Cori at home with her cockatoo Credit: You Tube

She may not have made it to bootcamp, but X Factor hopeful Cori Burns from St Leonards made a lasting impression on last night's show.

The judges loved Cori- but didn't vote for her Credit: PA

There was much laughter when the 63 year old rolled into the studio on her scooter adorned with cockatoos after admitting her goal in life is to have a number one album of her own songs.

She failed to secure four votes after singing her version of Bryan Adams' Run To You, but Scherzinger did offer a yes vote for her cockatoo.

Sadly the cockatoo wasn't on stage but click here for a video of Cori performing with Charlie at home

Cori makes an entrance Credit: PA

But today she's revealed her plans to transform herself from a 'toothless overweight diabetic' ( her words!) so she can launch a new assault on her music career next year.

I had a great time performing for the judges and although I never made it to boot camp, the day up in Manchester was fabulous and a lot of fun, but I think I can do better and want to go back next year as a changed woman.....

I am a songwriter (ex EMI, Sony Music etc), and was in an 80s band called Sheer Heaven back in the day and signed to EMI.

I was big then and even bigger now.

I am a toothless diabetic, who is overweight and consequently breathless which excerbates my asthma and therefore the need for the mobility scooter.

I need to change. Its not as if I am a young person starting out. I am 63, but look 21. Even the X Factor judges could not believe my age, and asked me what my beauty secrets were.

– Cori Burns on her future plans

Click below to see Cori's performance on X Factor.

She also revealed she is embarking on surgery to have tooth implants. and is vowing to lose weight.

We wish her the best of luck.