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Supermoon Sunday- here's how to get the best view

The moon will appear 14% bigger than usual Credit: PA

Astronomy fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the Supermoon should act fast this weekend in order to get the most dramatic view, according to a meteorology expert from the University of Reading.

Professor Chris Scott has explained the phenomenon in a video, in which he states the best time to see the moon looking at its biggest is soon after it rises at around 5.20pm on Sunday 16 October.

This is because it is possible to compare the full moon with objects like trees and buildings while it is close to the horizon while it is at its closest point to Earth.

Pending some clear weather, the moon will appear 14% bigger in the sky and 30% brighter on Sunday night.

Click below to watch Professor Scott's video:

But if a cloudy sky forces you to miss this rare celestial event, don’t worry because 2016 is a bumper year for Supermoons.

You can catch another two this year, on November 14 and December 14.

Also worth keeping an eye out for is the Orionid meteor shower on October 21.