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Passengers thrown when boat capsizes into icy waters

The speedboat hit an object in the water on its way back to shore Photo: AP

Ten people, seven of which are British, were thrown into the sea after their boat collided with an object in the water yesterday afternoon.

The tourists were returning from a sea safari, in Harstad, Northern Norway when the speed boat hit a fountain installation on it's way back to the harbour.

People had to be rescued from the icy waters Credit: AP

We spoke to journalist Nils Mehren via Skype, who was only 100 metres away and saw the accident happen.

He feels it is a mystery as to why the boat happened to collide with the water feature which was not operational at the time.

All those onboard were taken to hospital and some of them have now be released.

The Surrey based tour operator - Ingham who arranged the excursion are supporting authorities in investigating what happened.