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Simon's Blog - Warmest Day Of The Year...

Photo: Johnny Black far! I'm hoping things might be a bit warmer in July and August!

Well we knew it was going to be mild today but we didn’t quite know how mild.

Your average daytime temperature for this point in February would be around 9 C but in our region but today we did much better.

Here are your hottest hot spots.

Heathrow was top with 18.1 C, that’s 65 F.

Wisley in Surrey and Manston in Kent were both next, with 17.7 C, that’s 64 F.

The Alice Holt Lodge in Farnham in Hampshire recorded 16.3 C, that's 61 F.

But the biggest surprise was a chilly 16.2 C in the place that's usually the warmest in the country, Gravesend.

So a top UK temperature of 18.3 C at Kew Gardens makes it the warmest day of 2017 so far, as well as the warmest day of the winter season.

But it's not quite record breaking, as the warmest February day on record is the 13th Feb 1998, when we reached 19.7 C.