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'He was kind, thoughtful and caring' - Father's moving tribute to murdered son

Credit: Leicestershire Police

The father of 45-year-old Timothy Smith, who was killed in Shepshed, Leicestershire, on Thursday evening, has released a personal tribute to his son.

Derick Smith, 66, who lives in Oxfordshire, said:

“Tim was a very kind, thoughtful and caring son and I cannot adequately express in words how deeply shocked and saddened I am to learn of his death.

“He was a thoroughly good-hearted person. He was kind and thoughtful and tried to do his best in every aspect of his life, whether that was how he applied himself to work or how he developed and maintained friendships.

“Tim loved his mother dearly, and was extremely upset when she died last year. Since her death, we have been in regular contact, even thought he was living in Staffordshire, and news that he too now has gone is so desperately and deeply sad for us all.

– Derrick Smith

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