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Simon's Blog - Phew What A Scorcher!

Photo: Peter Norman

And it was a double whammy of a hot day, with not one but two big achievements.

Firstly as the thermometer reached 22.1C in Gravesend (it's always Gravesend) we knew it was the warmest day of the year so far.

Plus, whilst we didn't hit the dizzy heights of 23.6C that we saw on March 27th 2012, it was still the warmest March day for five years.

So here were the regions hottest hot spots...

Gravesend 22.1 C

Heathrow 21.7 C

Wisley 21.0 C

East Malling 20.9 C

Goudhurst 20.2 C

Benson 20.2 C

Reading 20.2 C

Farnborough 20.2 C

Frittenden 20.1 C

Middle Wallop 20 C