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Banksy confirms Brexit mural in Dover is his

Graffiti artist Banksy has left an enigmatic comment on Brexit with a huge new piece in the European gateway town of Dover.

The mural, which shows a man chipping off one of the gold stars on the EU flag, appeared overnight on Saturday.

Banksy confirmed speculation that he was behind the artwork with two posts of the work on his official Instagram account on Sunday afternoon.

Credit: Instagram/Banksy

The artists's post was captioned simply as "Dover, England", with no further comment on the work's meaning.

Many have interpreted it as as a statement against Brexit.

The location is significant as Dover is perhaps best known as a gateway town from the UK to mainland Europe.

Banksy is well known for artworks taking on current affairs.

One of his more recent works protested the use of tear gas against refugees in Calais while others have addressed surveillance and policing in the UK.