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Simon's Blog - Seagulls

Photo: Debbie Cannon

The Seagulls have barely been out of the news this week, so inspired by the achievements of Brighton & Hove Albion FC, I thought I'd have a scout through the photos featuring the other seagulls, that have turned up in my inbox.

So after Debbie's action shot in Hastings which started things off, here's a more relaxed gull that seems to be called Harbour.

Thanks to Peter Johnson in Ramsgate for that one.

Course not everyone likes them and from Peter Walsh proof of a big gull problem in Whitstable.

A very very big one by the looks of things.

Speaking of gull problems and who do you reckon came out best out in this stand off featuring Bev in Deal's pet seagull Beaky and Mewes, Lou & Dean's cat from next door?

Top marks if you said Beaky won. It seems Mewes did a runner when Bev opened the door!!

And finally for less brave gulls a very safe place to stay from Craig Willson in Pevensey Bay.

Well safe until it gets cold in the room at the bottom of that chimney!!