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Simon's Blog - That Was The Month That Was...

Photo: Mark Pellymounter


And what a month it was, as the early statistics show that it was a very wet June as well being a very warm one.

So here's what the Met Office number crunchers have found.

The warm spell had the biggest impact here in the south of the UK. You probably remember that on one day the mercury hit 34.5 C, which helped push the mean temperature for the month to 1.5°C above average.

That makes it the equal fifth warmest June on record for the UK as a whole, whilst just in England alone, its the equal second warmest June on record.

But it was also quite damp too.

The UK as a whole has so far had 50% more rainfall than average this month, making it the eighth wettest June on record, since UK records began in 1910.

Although we didn't do as badly as Scotland, where many places received over twice the normal amount you'd see in June.

Roll on July!