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Simon's Blog - Quit Bugging Me

Photo: Ken Rayner

It's the time of the year when the joy of being able to spend more time outside in the sunshine can often lead to the horror of finding out what else is out there!

Last week we were on the Great Stag Huntwith the PTES, looking for stag beetles and you'll be pleased to know that Harry Harman spotted a female one on the Billy Trail in Havant.

Meanwhile it was a Green Shield Bug (or a palomena prasina if you'd rather) that was sticking to the outside of Ken Rayner's kitchen window and looking in.

It'd certainly put me off my tea!

Andy White found this caterpillar on a willow tree in his garden in Folkestone.

He checked and it turns out that the handsome fellow is the caterpillar of a Puss Moth, which thanks to Tracie Griggs in South Wonston, we know will turn out like this.

Marc Heath sent in an amazing photo of a Norfolk Hawker dragonfly in flight.

He says "it's one of the country's rarest dragonflies, protected by law, and until only a few years ago, was confined to the Norfolk Broads. However, during the past few years, a small colony was located at Westbere Lake in Kent and this colony has grown from strength to strength and they can now be seen in good numbers within the Stour Valley".

And finally, in a not unrelated incident, Jennifer Cheshire not only spotted this Hawker dragonfly.

But was also there just in time to see some babies hatch at her pond in Verwood.


So if a strange bug lands on or near you and you're not so shocked you drop your camera, I'd love to see a photo! You can email it to or you can always tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.