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Simon's Blog - Topiary Talent

Photo: Peter Smith

Who knew a hedge could raise a smile.

And on itself!

Course Pete who spotted it in Maidstone was also immediately cheerful, much like Glenn Skinner who created something similar in Ramsgate.

Now is it just me or is the one in Robert Cox's brother-in-law's garden in Portchester a bit more, er sinister?

Although this one from Nikki in Bournemouth is supposed to be scary.

She explains "My dad made a monster in our garden whilst house sitting. The kids loved it!"

Speaking of love and this topiary sweetheart was a novel gift for a wedding anniversary.

Well done Pete and what a way to celebrate 44 years with Chris! Now I’m not 100% sure this one from Anne Packman is legit... it's at Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury.

I'll have to put a call in to see if it's a real hedge.

A trunk call obviously.

And finally a variation on a theme but equally as impressive, here are Nessie and friends, spotted in Beaulieu by Ali Lansley.