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Simon's Blog - Get The Tape Measure Out

Photo: Dawn Gray

I know what you're thinking.

That's a big lily.

But just how big?

Well...'s a good ten inches!

It was grown by Dawn in Ashburnham's friend Christine Walker.

In other lily news and Anni Higgin has one that’s approximately 5 feet tall.

Although like may of us, it does seem to be wilting in the heat!

Robin Boultwood in Swanage has a New Zealand flax that he reckons is turning into a triffid this year.

Already it's over 12 feet high and he say's it only the first time it's flowered in 10 years.

Amy Merrell - Howarth says "it's that time of year again!"

That's a photo she sent in on behalf of her mum Beryl Merrell (great name) in Aldworth, who's grown a 24 headed sunflower from seed.

The not at all aptly named Sue Small in Abingdon has a giant hollyhock.

It's 11ft 2 inches tall and still growing.

And finally what’s not to love about an email entitled "Runner Bean Envy"?

Cindy Travers in Hill Head says "my neighbour Paul grew this runner bean. I gave him the seed and mine are half the size!"

Sometimes it's just not fair!

So are there any overly large things growing in your garden at the moment?

If there are, please email a photo to or you can tweet me @SimonParkinTV if you're on Twitter.