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Simon's Blog - Big Butterfly Count 2017

Photo: Natasha Weyers

It's not just Wimbledon this weekend!

Last summer over 36,000 of us spent a quarter of an hour counting almost 400,000 individual butterflies and day-flying moths.

The results of the 2016 Big Butterfly Count revealed that whilst it was a pretty good summer, with above average temperatures, butterflies on the whole fared badly.

So will things be different this year?

Well if you fancy taking part, the Big Butterfly Count runs from now until August 6th and you just need 15 minutes and a pen and paper.

You can find all the info as well as a handy butterfly and moth identification chart by clicking here .

And to get you in the mood, here are a few photos of the butterflies and moths that have been turning up in my inbox.

That's a Marbled White from Roy Venkatesh in Basingstoke.
A Small Tortoiseshell at Selborne Lavender Fields from someone we only know as Happipixie.
From Terry Lockyer that's a Meadow Brown on an angel solar light in his garden.
A Brimstone in Maurice Kirkham's garden in Ashford.
David Bremner in Eastleigh with proof that they are funny looking close up!
And finally from Colin Lee in Southampton an action shot of a Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

If you do find yourself counting butterflies, don't forget to email me the photos to or you can always tweet me @SimonParkinTV if you're on Twitter.