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Simon's Blog - Return Of The Triffids

Photo: Chris & Karen in Shoreham

Well it's certainly a whopper and it's clearly liking the weather we've been having recently as Chris and Karen tell me that this Agave has been in their garden for twenty years but this year is the first time it's flowered.

Plus it's grown sixteen feet in less than a month!

And it's not the only big thing that's turned up in my inbox.

Sandra Keen from Ashford says her banana plant has shot up to over two metres tall.

And get this, it's actually growing bananas for the first time in four years.

Here are Bev in Sittingbourne's rather tall Hollyhocks, now standing at eight feet.

And brace yourself for a bunch of big lilies, starting off with the one Phil and Hazel Burgess have grown in Newbury.

It's currently over seven feet tall and has twenty flowers, with more to open.

This is Maz and Hippo's "super lily", standing at six feet tall and with twenty two blooms.

A photo now from Ernie Keen of a lily so big, it towers over his wife Beryl in Bognor Regis.

And finally one from Bryan Currie in Herne Bay, who looks like he’s had a great idea!