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Play area boost for YMCA activity centre

The new play area was built by staff from BAE Systems Photo: YMCA Fairthorne Group

An activity centre for children, young people and their families has received a boost thanks to staff at BAE Systems.

As part of a project which helps charitable organisations, BAE workers helped to build a new play area at the YMCA Fairthorne Manor in Botley in Hampshire.

The play area is a boost for the Hampshire based charity Credit: YMCA Fairthorne Group

The play area, which is situated on the YMCA Fairthorne Manor outdoor activity site, features ramps, walk ways, netting and imaginative play spaces.

YMCA Fairthorne Manor is part of the YMCA Fairthorne Group, a local charity serving children and their families across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Children from Wellstead Primary School in Hedge End were invited to help open the new play area which was built in conjunction with Splash Projects,

Richard Iles-Low, Director of YMCA Fairthorne Manor said: “It is our quest to encourage children to enjoy and embrace the great outdoors.

"We believe this new facility will be a fantastic addition not only to the young people visiting Fairthorne Manor, but to the local community. The park is open to all, so pop along and give it a try.”