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Retired couple travel to Asia using only public transport

Horses, buses, cablecars - not the most conventional way to get from Oxford to Hong Kong, but for one couple in our region, it was a no-brainer.

Emma and Phil Whiting used only public transport to travel thousands of miles to visit their son for his birthday.

The journey even included horse back riding and trekking on foot Credit: Phil and Emma Whiting

The couple, from Iffley, are both retired and said the unique opportunity to see the world was an 'extraordinary experience'.

The 12,000 mile journey took 8 weeks for them to cross Europe, through Russia, Mongolia, China before finally arriving in Hong Kong.

The couple were invited to visit their son for his 30th birthday in China Credit: Phil and Emma Whiting

Along the way, the couple watched harvests on Chinese rice terraces, attended a Russian Orthodox mass, and even dined with Mongolians whilst staying in a traditional yurt.

The method of transport allowed the couple to absorb different cultures Credit: Phil and Emma Whiting

To capture their expedition Phil, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, sketched some of their most treasured memories, from a Russian Orthodox Mass to the Hong Kong races.

He will now choose the best of his sketches as the basis for larger paintings, which he will work on in his Oxford studio.

Phil was inspired to sketch his sights along the journey Credit: Phil and Emma Whiting

They told our reporter Charlotte Cross, that it was the journey of a lifetime.